License DEEP # B-0923

In addition to lawn fertilization and tick control, we also offer a variety of services to enhance your property including:

  • Soil Testing – for pH and nutrient levels
  • Lime Applications – Based on soil test results, ensures and maintains nutrients available to turf
  • Fertilization¬†– Conventional, organic and combination programs, to ensure the healthiest turf possible
  • Crab Grass and Broad Leaf Weed Control – When managed, ensures healthy turf
  • Grub Control and Surface Insect Control
  • Disease Management – Cultural and chemical management
  • Aeration – Good cultural disease and root development tool
  • Seeding – Slice seeding and over seeding, introduces / maintains a healthy variety of seed
  • De-thatching – Thatch management ensures the development of healthy grass
  • Ornamental Bed Fertilizing
  • Ornamental Bed Weed Control – pre and post season
  • Driveway Weed Control – Pre and post season
  • Tick Control¬†– 100% organic and synthetic options
  • Goose Control – 100% organic
  • Mole and Vole Control – Management options

green grass lawn