License DEEP # B-0923

organic tick control - keep your family safeTick control is essential for a happy and safe summer. Keep your family safe and enjoy your yard without ticks getting in the way. Why are ticks a problem?

While we prefer to work with organic tick control solutions, we offer conventional solutions as well. Our experienced lawn care staff will work closely with you to develop the tick control plan that works best for you and your lawn.

If you choose the conventional method, it will be applied every 2 months.

The organic tick control method, preferred by ITM, is applied 4 weeks apart for the first 2 treatments and then 5-6 weeks, based on your lawn’s tick activity.

Throughout the year we keep a close eye on news from the CT DEEP and CT DPH to ensure that we provide our clients with updated information and advice regarding the tick environment specific to Connecticut and their particular circumstances.

Organic tick control is considered exempt by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which makes it a ‘minimal risk’ pesticide. The EPA does not require exempt products to have a pesticide registration number. Therefore, when used as directed, organic tick control is safe for children, adults and pets and won’t harm beneficial insects such as pollinators.