License DEEP # B-0923

traditional lawn fertilizing - lovely lawnOur years of experience in lawn care will ensure that your lawn is a haven for family fun.  Traditional lawn fertilizing is one way to achieve this goal.

Using the conventional approach to lawn fertilization, the IPM model and following proper manufacturer’s recommendations, ITM will make sure your lawn will be the best it can be.

Our traditional lawn fertilization service includes:

  • Monitoring lawn PH and nutrient levels.
  • Handling crab grass pre-emergence with fertilizer in early Spring
  • Balancing fertilizer with the proper amount of nitrogen, iron and weed control in late Spring
  • Optional grub and insect prevention in summer.  Post control options also available.
  • Balancing fertilizer with root development formula and iron in  late Summer / early Fall.
  • Balancing fertilizer with weed control in late Fall.
  • Liming as needed, based on soil test results.

Our goal is to make your lawn healthy enough to transition to its natural luxurious state.

Throughout the season, we monitor your lawn for weeds and disease in responsible manner to maintain a healthy lawn for you.